I help Muslim sisters to build & scale their faceless BUSINESSES to 7 figures with Hybrid Organic Marketing. 

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Who is Afsha Khan?

Founder of AfshaKhan.com
Afsha Khan started with nothing as a coach herself and has gone on to create a Disruption in the industry and a Movement for Muslim sisters. The first of its kind that will be turning into one of the fastest-growing coaching companies in the Muslim space, Insha’Allah.

Afsha is a Property Investor, Airbnb Host, Interior Transformational, Business Coach, Network Marketer, Weight Shred Consultant, Marketing Freak, Dreamer, Mother and above all, a Servant of Allah.

See that? Afsha is not just ONE thing, and she bets that neither are you! Right!

She wants to assist you in bridging the gap between that unchecked dream life you put on the shelf and you living it out as soon as possible.

After having set up several businesses in just 12 months, She is now on a mission to help millions of sisters help millions of clients each through her amazing programs.

MOST sisters waste years not knowing their worth, not knowing what to do, how to change their finances or where to start. Afsha is determined to make things right in their homes and in the industry.

Leading sisters, she intends to reduce the burden of finances and struggles for the brothers, who are tirelessly looking for ways to provide for their families, losing valuable time away from Allah’s remembrance. Sisters will bring transformational changes without neglecting their families. She believes sisters should not have to leave their homes, to work with non-mahrams or, worse non-Islamic places to cater for their families. Instead, giving family time and money freedom. She calls it a laptop lifestyle.

Afsha now offers a done-for-you service, where she has systems in place to set up her clients’ businesses in six weeks. She then puts them in the driver’s seat with all the support, tools, and resources they need to take off and change not only their life but the lives of their entire family and future generations. Gaining success in half the time. Afsha owns her own marketing company, allowing sisters to further benefit. She believes every sister deserves to be successful in their field whilst living in Dunya and preparing for her Akhirah.

She will ONLY accept sisters who she knows she can help without a doubt.

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Afsha didn’t just create this platform for every Muslim sister; she defended it with a full-fledged in-house marketing company and a strong sisters community. She does not tell you, as others do, but rather does it for you or shows you. She pulls you out of your head and into reality. She understands how frightening it can be, so you don’t have to be. You have her help, guidance, and the tools you need to not only start but also earn an income and scale for success, Insha’Allah.

Afsha takes your first objection straight out. You have never known where to start, how to make an extra income, and what to do next, right?

Afshakhan.com is like this tree. She plants the seeds and gives you a ready business where sisters come together, grow and branch out, helping other brothers and sisters.

SIMPLE. You just need to start.

However many hats, oops I mean Hijabs you are wearing in life, just remember you are SPECIAL and born for more and a bigger purpose.


Launch My Business

If you want to launch your business within 6 weeks then this is for you.

Our proven step-by-step roadmap, A totally done-for-you service:

  1. Finalising a business and niche
  2. Crafting your branding
  3. Creating social media
  4. Registering your business
  5. 1 Weekly group meeting with Afsha
  6. 1 Weekly meetup with sisters’ community
  7. Private access to your sisters’ community
  8. Putting you in the driving seat, All within six weeks
If you have a passion for changing your life, then let us build your dream business with a great team behind you every step of the way. Creating a sisters’ community that is designed to thrive by supporting each other.

ONLY £1,999

If you want to scale your business and be the #1 go to expert in your industry, then this is for you, achieving time freedom.

Scale my business, is where you get 1:1 mentorship from Afsha and direct access to the team.

In this program we help you:

  1. Scaling your business and defining your niche further
  2. Re-Crafting your branding
  3. Creating content and scheduling for social media
  4. Weekly 1:1 meeting with Afsha
  5. Creating or redesigning your website (Free website snapshot report)
  6. Weekly meetups with sisters’ community
  7. Access to your sisters’ community
  8. Free access to your sisters’ supporters’ community
  9. Your free business flyer
  10. Free Marketing video
  11. Dashboard, everything in 1 place
  12. Virtual assistance
  13. Refining your offer and scaling to attract the right clients
  14. Backing of resources and marketing company
  15. Shifting from entrepreneur to CEO
  16. Achieving financial independence, scaling in numbers
  17. Time freedom
  18. Give back to the world & change lives

Get ready for the next level of leadership and transformation. We will upgrade your thinking so you can create leaders in your team and strong company culture.

ONLY £6,999

Scale My Business

May We Be Accepted As 1 Of Them

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement. And whoever helps ease a difficulty in the world, Allah will grant him ease from a difficulty in the world and in the Hereafter. And whoever covers (the faults of) a Muslim, Allah will cover (his faults) for him in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah is engaged in helping the worshipper as long as the worshipper is engaged in helping his brother.”



Afsha is constantly reaching out to sisters and holding multiple live and online events. Bring all the sisters you know who will benefit, encourage each other’s success and meet an amazing community of like-minded sisters.

Road Map For Success

How are we different, because we start you off right.

Once you’re accepted into our program, Bismillah. You are immediately onboarded by our team to get you set up for success.

Then you get a 1-on-1 “Planning Session” where we create a personalized 6-week action plan, after retrieving information from you, as fast as possible (Depending on where you’re at) or we connect you with our project manager that will get you on the road to scaling.

We get to work, set up your business and take action for you. If you are looking to scale, we give you all the tools, and support and work with you.

Then you get a 1-on-1, for an update and review

We execute our roadmap and plug into our extraordinary network of high-level team members

You Always have access to a transformational sister’s community. So you are never alone.

So what are you waiting for? Book your call today and let’s get started


Losing Weight Is Not So Tough With Afsha

Afsha is a consultant with a proven diet; it’s fun and transformational. Perfect if you are planning to drop down some dress sizes for any event, wedding, holiday, diabetes, and so much more.

Unlike most diets, this diet is led by your consultant/coach, Afsha. Together, you choose a plan that suits you, and she supports you throughout your entire journey.

You pick your delicious, nutritionally balanced meals and see the difference very quickly, provided you stick to the plan

Weight loss won’t be a struggle anymore; Afsha and the team are with you

Limited spaces, only book your call, if you really want to see a NEW YOU


We have the perfect solution for you, a breakaway makes a huge difference, and it’s exactly what you need. Come and enjoy the fully equipped luxury apartments, perfectly located.

You may never book a hotel again

Once you have booked, let us know, and Afsha will keep your free gift ready for you at her amazing apartment


Afsha can manage your portfolio, giving you peace of mind, guaranteed rent, and ensuring that your property is always in showcase condition. There will be no hassle, no agents, no voids, no notices to tenants, and no court applications, just you and your property. Afsha and her team can manage your portfolio so you can relax and focus on earning money.
Get in touch and tell us how we can help

Donate & Support

Afsha was born to serve and would like your support in assisting these charities in doing the same. She has a dream to build a school, a madrasa and an orphanage. Until then, she helps these charities serve.

Green Lane Masjid

“Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre aim to Inspire, Educate and Serve the local community and worldwide and to encourage others to Inspire, Educate and Serve.”

A Masjid that is a home for our families and us. A Masjid was created to serve at a level that only a handful do. Join Afsha in supporting them and making a difference.

Al Midrar Institute

“Al Midrar Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of people in every way possible and hence, we have initiated many welfare programs and activities under the umbrella of our organisation to provide for the necessities and needs of those who cannot afford them in the first place.”

A home away from home, that provides education and solutions for the needy. An organisation born to only to serve Join Afsha in supporting them and making a difference.


Afsha works hard to help her sisters during this economic downturn so that they do not have to put their families and responsibilities at risk. Her goal is to serve millions of sisters and make 2023 the best year of their lives by never having to look on the wrong side of the menu again. Working with Afsha will help you realise your potential in just six weeks, allowing you to increase your profit for years to come.

Bismillah, Schedule A Call Below And Say Salam

Let’s create your world, hitting figures your heart desires Insha’Allah. Afsha is right next to YOU: